Here are the answers to some common questions we receive:

What is the ALC?

ALC is Kathrein Antenna Line Configurator Model # 86010156, an AISG controller with built in battery and WIFI communication.  This product is in a ruggedized case so it can be carried up the tower and controlled locally through its LCD touch screen.  Or technician can connect it to antenna, activate built in WI-FI and someone on the ground can control it from a laptop or smartphone.  Can be used to configure all Kathrein Antennas and many 3rd Party antennas.  Below are links to specification sheets and where you can purchase it.

Specification sheet:


Hutton Canada:

How can I get most recent ALC Model # 86010156 software?

The link below will contain a zip file that has the most recent ALC software, manual, help guide for how to install it.

Where can I get the ALC Model # 86010156 manual?

How do I connect my ALC to a laptop or Smartphone using WI-FI?

Need a new Power Supply for my ALC?

The Kathrein controllers require 24VDC, 3 Amp power supply to properly operate and charge.  The connector is 2.1mm internal which is +24V DC and 5.5mm external which is Negative.

If you lose the power supply here is a good equivalent power supply.

How do I save reports using a ALC?

ALC must be connected via WI-FI to Laptop or Smartphone for the report to be saved.

Please follow the instructions on this quick guide.

How do I perform Port Aggregation with ALC?

Port aggregation is so that an operator can bundle ports together so that a single tilt command will tilt more than 2 arrays.  Download the files from the following links.

The second contains a collection of aggregation BIN files and reset BIN file.

The third is quick guide for performing RET Aggregation using ALC.

Please follow the instructions on this quick guide.

How do I scan AISG 1.1 or AISG 2.0 with ALC?

You can change the scan setting on ALC to scan multiple generations of antenna line equipment.  Here is link to quick guide.

How do I update firmware files on Antenna line equipment using ALC?

First, collect the BIN file you need for a specific product.  It can be a complete antenna with Flexret or it can be an RCU BIN file.  A similar procedure to the Aggregation except you are loading factory BIN file.

How do I load 3rd Party antenna line configuration files using ALC?

Kathrein ALC controller can be used to control and configure 3rd party antenna line equipment.

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