Place coverage and capacity where it’s needed:

Small Cells enable Mobile Operators to place capacity where it is needed fast. Because they are small, unobtrusive devices, Small Cells can be deployed in almost any location without the permits needed by traditional towers. The Kathrein Canister Antennas are the solution for Small Cell deployments and can be mounted easily on lamp posts, power poles or even the side of buildings.

Small Cells are well-suited for providing dedicated capacity to high-use urban hotspots, such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, malls, train stations, airports and city streets. Canister Antennas are also ideal for filling in coverage holes within the macro network — and for extending coverage to remote rural locations where macros are not cost effective.

Kathrein’s Small Cell site solutions optimize network performance and accelerate deployments. Encompassing RF delivery, equipment housing, and concealment, Kathrein Canisters improve performance of the RF air link, expedite construction and enable faster zoning approvals, decreasing CapEx and OpEx and improving time to revenue.

Choose Quality. Choose Kathrein.

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