CrossTalk Software

Whether facilitating auto manufacturing or supporting real-time logistics, it’s crucial to ensure your devices are communicating with your backend applications to modernize and enhance your business processes for easy workflow. With the help of  CrossTalk IoT middleware it’s all possible.

How to Enhance Your Business Process with CrossTalk

CrossTalk AppCenter from Kathrein USA

Versatile Capabilities

As an industry leader, getting the different forms of help you need is crucial for management and logistics success. With CrossTalk, you can expect a wide selection of capabilities you can leverage, including:

  • Business backend integration
  • IoT device integration and management
  • Real-Time Location System or RTLS layout management and event mapping

IoT Device Integration Made Easy for Management

Modernize your auto-logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing process and more with the help of CrossTalk. Thanks to its robust software and hardware, CrossTalk easily integrates with IoT devices and back-end systems so you can easily manage your logistics and other business processes with ease.

Real-Time Relevancy

With Real-Time Location System or RTLS layout management and event mapping, you can get the data accuracy you need. Whether tracking parts or managing IoT events, CrossTalk makes it easy to get the information you need when you need it.

Convenient Business Backend Integration

Because CrossTalk integrates with your backend applications, it is simple to facilitate consistent workflows. You can avoid manual labor and take advantage of CrossTalk’s robust platform to move activities forward. Business processes are easily automated for your convenience since CrossTalk directly forwards crucial business events to your enterprise’s backend applications for processing while delivering all user interfaces and user functions, too.

Enhanced IoT Exchanges

Thanks to the robust software, technical prowess and quality capabilities, CrossTalk enhances communication between IoT-enabled devices, including adapters, and your automated systems or backend. From file interfaces to databases, the CrossTalk Base platform enables the exchange of IoT events with backend applications and automation systems, including:

  • Databases
  • File Interfaces
  • SAP (All, BAPI and IDoc)
  • REST and SOAP WebServices
  • OPC/UA and many more

Keep up with CrossTalk

If you’re ready to take your auto logistics to new heights with CrossTalk, contact us today to learn more about how to get started with CrossTalk.

Keep up with CrossTalk

If you’re ready to take your auto logistics to new heights with CrossTalk, contact us today to learn more about how to get started.