Whitepaper: Towards the Connected Community: Accelerating Wireless Broadband with Small Cell Ingenuity

In today’s global economy, economic growth is unequivocally tied to the improved delivery of high-quality, wireless broadband connectivity. Public and private sectors alike are increasingly dependent on it and the Big Data it provides to manage their businesses, improve their services, and increase customer satisfaction. And, in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an expert who didn’t predict an even more dramatic need for mobile data in the coming years, with some calling for as much as a thousand-fold increase in consumption by 2020. Delivering reliable service to these widely distributed entities, however, is a major challenge for providers whose infrastructure investments are often unable to keep pace with rising usage. How then to solve the supply-and-demand conundrums faced by wireless broadband providers?

In this white paper, we’ll explore the economic advantages that wireless broadband connectivity brings to communities, discuss the barriers to wireless densification efforts, and demonstrate how recent innovations in small cell technology will overcome these barriers to bring the throughput and quality of service that businesses and consumers demand.