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The capacity to track products and goods, along with increasing transparency and globalization requires companies to optimize logistical processes on a lasting basis. However, simple identification systems such as barcodes are no longer sufficient to ensure seamless traceability along the entire supply chain. Today, more detailed information is required such as value added data and changes in object status. RFID technology makes it very simple to increase efficiency and automate processes.

Kathrein offers a full suite of global RFID Readers, RFID Antennas, RFID Transponders and RFID Accessories.  In addition, Kathrein offers two software modules: Reader Start software included with all RFID Readers; and for larger systems and global applications, Kathrein offers the CrossTalk solution that is platform-independent and SAP Certified.  CrossTalk can be used with common user friendly modules or customized to fit specific customer needs or network management systems. Additionally, the CrossTalk software can scale as needed utilizing powerful proven functions that can save your company time and money.

For customized solutions, Kathrein offers RF simulation, application support, software integration, consultation and design services.

To learn more, contact us at 214-238-8800 or email us at:  rfid@kathrein.com.

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RFID readers with Ethernet, Linux,

GPIO and KRAI© Interface

RFID readers with Ethernet, Linux


High performance RFID antennas,  KRAI© Interface

RFID antennas KRAI Interface


Rugged RFID-UHF mobile terminal for mobile data collection

Rugged RFID-UHF mobile terminal


The RFID Windshield Label provides automatic, no-contact identification of vehicles (Automatic Vehicle Identification)

RFID Windshield Label


Accessories for all Kathrein RFID readers and antennas, UHF Mobile-Terminal and Wall/Pole mounting

UHF Mobile-Terminal and Wall/Pole mounting


Advanced software suite for IoT integration and Track & Trace visualization

Advanced software suite for IoT integration


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Kathrein RFID ReaderStart V2 Overview

Kathrein RFID CrossTalk Overview

Kathrein RFID Solution Examples

Kathrein RFID: 3000 Series Readers Description

Kathrein RFID: 4000 Series Readers Description

Kathrein RFID: 3000 & 4000 Series Customizable Color LED

Kathrein RFID: 3000 & 4000 Series Readers Description

Kathrein RFID: ©KRAI Feature