A year ago, the “Tomorrow Street” innovation center, a joint venture of Vodafone and Technoport, was opened in Luxembourg. Kathrein has engaged with the project right from the start. Congratulations to the entire Tomorrow Street team on their first birthday!


The Tomorrow Street project was launched as a collaboration between Vodafone and Technoport, Luxembourg’s national business incubator. “The next wave of innovation is going to come from small and more agile companies, so corporate businesses need to find a way to collaborate effectively with small companies. This is where Tomorrow Street can assist”, said Warrick Cramer, CEO/Director of Tomorrow Street, in an interview with the digital magazine “Digital Innovation”.

The start-ups supported by Tomorrow Street mainly work on solutions in the areas of Internet of Things, cyber security, data management and analysis, and artificial intelligence. The innovation center offers these young tech companies a platform and enables them to expand their international network. At the same time, the joint venture opens up opportunities for future business opportunities. “Vodafone operates over 26 different countries with over 50 partner markets, so we have the ability to scale smaller companies across our global footprint, allowing them to grow very quickly and attach them to real customers”, added Warrick Cramer. On the occasion of Tomorrow Street’s first birthday, the British magazine “Digital Innovation” has published an extensive interview with Warrick Cramer.


Kathrein has been engaged with Tomorrow Street since its opening in September 2017. Our team was, for example, represented with a stand at the Arch Summit in May 2018, where we exhibited our IoT and  building digitalisation solutions as well as our Network Vision 2022.

Our CEO Anton Kathrein also visited Tomorrow Street at the end of August (see picture). He talked to young entrepreneurs and Vodafone employees about which technology trends would change our world in the next 5 to 10 years. You can find a video of the conversation with Anton Kathrein on YouTube.