New Narrower Width (14.9″), Wide band, 8 ft.,12-Port Base Station Antenna

Kathrein’s new wide-band 4×4 MIMO solution allows operators to reduce the physical number of antennas on a sector, thereby lowering tower leading costs while adding significant additional capacity and throughput.

  • 4TRx in a single platform – narrower radome for multiple Low-ad Mid-Band application and tower leasing cost savings
  • The only antenna available in a 15″ wide platform with full wideband low-band arrays (not diplexed)
  • Ideally suited for use with Nokie and Ericsson dual band RRHs.
  • LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation ready
  • Excellent RF Pattern Control
  • Excellent PIM performance (-153 dBc with 2 x 43 dBm)
  • Lower wind load by 25% and lower weight by 20% when compared to existing Wide-Band 20″ 12-Port Antennas

R1/R2 (Low-band Arrays)

  • Performance coparable to the 80010992
  • Frequency range 698-894 MHz
  • FlexRet: Independent DT for each array
  • Application scenarios:
    • Dual band 2×2 MIMO
    • 4×4 MIMO

Y1/Y2/Y3/Y4 (Mid-band Arrays)

  • Performance coparable to the 80020799
  • Frequency range 1695-2360 MHz
  • FlexRet: Independent DT for each array
  • Application scenarios:
    • Quad band 2×2 MIMO
    • Triple band 2x 2×2 MIMO & 4×4 MIMO
    • Dual band 4×4 MIMO

Model Number /Description Code
12-Port Base Station Antenna

Product Availability
Q1 2019


8.0 ft.

4TRx in a single package. 840370799 can be used in place of the 80010992, 80010799 or 80020799. Ideal for new site builds with 4×4 MIMO or to replace existing 15” wide antenna.