Major Order for Kathrein in the Vehicle Networking Field

Kathrein has received the first series production order for Car2X technology (DSRC). The abbreviation DSRC stands for Dedicated Short Range Communication and describes systems by which vehicles are connected to each other at short and medium distances and also to the transport infrastructure. The Automotive Business Unit will deliver around 1.5 million Car2X antenna systems to a global vehicle manufacturer for the North American market.

In the USA, DSRC is used mainly in the vehicle networking field for safety-critical applications. These warn the driver, for example, of a breakdown vehicle that may block the road ahead, or check if another vehicle is in the blind spot area whilst changing lanes. It is foreseeable that in the USA it may become mandatory to equip new vehicles with DSRC systems. By using these systems, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to reduce the number of accidents in the long term by up to 80 percent.

In the coming years, Kathrein will develop antennas in the 5.9 GHz range for that customer, which guarantee reliability and the highest performance in a very compact space. The start of the series production is planned for 2021. “With this first series production order from the DSRC range, we are gaining excellent prospects for the North American market and are strengthening our technology expertise in the field of autonomous driving,” says Michael Heise, Head of the Automotive Business Unit.

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