Kathrein Presents New Milestones on the Way to 5G

Kathrein demonstrates in Barcelona its technological competency in the field of 5G research, the future mobile communication standard. At the Mobile World Congress 2018, the company showcases, among other things, an innovative antenna system which combines 5G-ready MIMO technology with current mobile technology standards such as LTE (4G). In addition, Kathrein presents its Network Vision 2022 in an interactive animation, mobile communication solutions for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as automotive antenna solutions.

One of the highlights at the exhibition stand (Hall 2, Stand E30) is the innovative antenna system that Kathrein has developed in collaboration with the French telecommunications corporation Orange and network specialist Nokia. The solution enables the upgrading of existing antenna sites without additional space requirements at an optimal cost-benefit ratio. The system is the first of its kind worldwide to integrate a passive multi-band antenna and a “massive adaptive MIMO antenna”, as it is called, into a single unit.


The new technology is the basis for high-performance, ultra-broadband solutions and paves the way for the practical use of 5G technology. Orange wants to implement the system in France in the middle of 2019 at up to 30 per cent of all antenna sites. Further rollouts are planned in other European countries.

“In this pioneering project, we could bring in our decades of experience in the development, production and implementation of high-performance antennas,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “5G is the key technology in the networked age. Together with our partners Nokia and Orange, we are paving the way for a multitude of new applications.”

At the MWC, Kathrein is furthermore presenting innovative mobile communication solutions for indoor and outdoor areas, which cover various frequency ranges within compact spaces and combine multiple transmission and reception antennas. In addition, the company is showcasing the latest development of the K-BOW networking solution, which can be deployed in shopping malls, public transport networks, large corporate head offices and other places. Kathrein Automotive, global market leader in automotive antenna solutions, is also exhibiting new antenna solutions in Barcelona.


The Network Vision 2022 is a high-priority issue at the exhibition stand. By means of interactive animations, the company illustrates how the communication network will develop and which requirements will result therefrom. Kathrein differentiates between four geographical situations with specific network demands: large urban areas, suburban areas, rural areas and remote areas. Already, Kathrein’s portfolio offers solutions for multiple requirements in this regard.

“We are in close contact with our partners and customers to exchange ideas and compare thoughts about our Network Vision,” says Anton Kathrein. “Our discussions lead to ever new aspects, which make our idea of the networked world of tomorrow more concrete and give us important impulses for our development work.”

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