Kathrein Automotive Focuses its Core Business


Kathrein is adapting its product portfolio in the automotive sector. The business division is handing over trade business in the aftermarket sector to the Swedish antenna specialist Smarteq. As part of a strategic partnership, the company gains exclusive marketing and reseller rights across Europe for Kathrein aftermarket automotive products.

The Kathrein Group combined the automotive antenna business of its headquarters in Rosenheim together with business from the companies of Blaupunkt Antenna Systems and Olimpus Automotive acquired in 2010 to form the Kathrein Automotive product division. In the future, Kathrein Automotive will be focusing on global original equipment products for vehicles featuring innovative transmission and reception technology. The company concentrates on intelligent solutions for technical challenges of the future.

One of the focal points of product and research has been the development of antenna systems and electronic components for the new LTE and 5G mobile radio services. The Kathrein Group is developing fundamental solutions here that will have major importance for international automotive manufacturers. Communication between vehicles (so-called ‘car to car communication’) is also one of the primary topics of the future that is actively shaped by Kathrein.

Frank Ullmann, COO of the Kathrein Group: “Our Automotive division serves internationally active customers in the global market, and it’s one of our strengths that our development and production locations are found in all of the global key automotive industry markets.”

Michael Heise, CEO of Kathrein Automotive, views the partnership with Smarteq with a high level of confidence. “Our valuable customer relationships are being placed in good hands. Smarteq is a specialist in the pan-European aftermarket business that targets the same, very high levels of quality that we do.”

Smarteq-CEO Johan Hårdén sees the cooperation with Kathrein as a “maximum quality of approval” for his company. “We benefit both from the technological spectrum and from the highly respected Kathrein sales network,” he explained.