Innovative Broadband Connection for Suburban and Rural Areas

Rosenheim, 21 February 2017 – Kathrein, a leading international specialist for reliable, high-quality communication technologies has developed a special antenna in collaboration with the network specialist Nokia to optimise the use of spectrum. Nokia’s FastMile concept connects areas without broadband supply by means of LTE radio frequencies. The solution provides households and companies in suburban and rural areas with a powerful and reliable Internet connection. Nokia plans to launch the innovative system by mid-2017.

LTE for the home is offered by various network operators as an alternative to DSL. The connections are, however, often unstable. In most cases, customers even need an extra LTE antenna in order to have acceptable reception at all. Nokia’s FastMile concept uses existing LTE base stations. These are expanded by a special Kathrein antenna which exploits higher, so far idle, LTE frequency ranges supporting higher throughputs via spectrum-efficient utilisation. There is no need to set up new radio sites, which means significant cost savings for the network operator.

High bandwidth is guaranteed

The basic idea is to establish a radio connection between the mast and the customer – but with FastMile, the connection is via LTE. Network operators know where their customers live and are therefore able to equip each FastMile-capable LTE base station in such a way that high bandwidth is guaranteed. FastMile service is delivered to the user through a FastMile modem featuring advanced antenna technology to maximise the user experience. A WLAN repeater, which also powers the FastMile modem, provides Internet access within the house. A smartphone app makes installation and operation easy.

Kathrein’s solution meets the highest requirements

“Kathrein, with its technological competence, is the ideal development partner for implementing such completely innovative concepts,” says René Groot, Head of the Antenna Partner Business at Nokia Networks. “The close collaboration with Kathrein ensured that the antenna for the FastMile system would perfectly fulfil the highest requirements.”

“We are proud that Nokia chose us as a partner for this trendsetting solution,” says Dr Hermann Rodler, Head of the Products Business Unit at Kathrein. “The development of the FastMile antenna has been a complex challenge during which Kathrein’s developers were able to optimally use their multifaceted know-how.”

About Kathrein

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