Kathrein Driving Digitization Forward

How Kathrein Solutions is driving digitization forward

How Kathrein Solutions is driving digitization forward

In an article, the trade journal “RFID im Blick” presents the success story of Kathrein Solutions GmbH and highlights the success factors and strategy of the business unit. The interview partners were Jürgen Walter, COO of KATHREIN SE and Head of the Solutions division, Thomas Brunner, Managing Director of Kathrein Solutions GmbH and Martin Dobler, CTO of Kathrein Solutions.

Digitalization is changing the way we live: from industry 4.0 to intelligent networks and networked mobility. It brings about major and far-reaching changes – not only for the end consumer, but also for companies and the economy. Large and traditional organizations face the challenge of making their own structures more agile. This is the only way they can successfully implement digitalization.

Digital and contactless technologies and applications are the basis for sustainable processes in many industries. With its IoT solutions, the Kathrein Solutions business unit supports numerous companies from various industries in implementing digitization.

The article can be read on the magazine’s website.