From Cellar Workshop to Technology Leader

Kathrein’s success story extends over almost an entire century of technology history. It all began in the small workshop of company founder and engineer Anton Kathrein Senior in 1919. Under the leadership of his son Prof. Dr. Anton Kathrein, the company grew into an internationally recognized leader in technology and innovation. Since his father’s death in 2012, Anton Kathrein has been at the helm, leading the company into the future.

Kathrein, is a family-owned business, and stands for comprehensive customer care and responsibility towards employees, society and the environment for the past three generations and into the future.

Our U.S. Presence Today

Kathrein is recognized as the worldwide leader in professional antenna systems (ABI Research 2014) with global headquarters in Rosenheim, Germany.  As a growth strategy, Kathrein is focused on the North American market and recently relocated its U.S. headquarters to Richardson, Texas in the heart of the Telecom Corridor. With U.S. and Canadian spectrum licensing auctions and their implications for additional wireless and broadband growth, Kathrein USA is aimed to deliver innovative solutions for wireless densification.

U.S. History

Scala Electronic Corporation was founded in California in 1954 and operated there until 1979 when operations were moved from the San Francisco area to Medford, Oregon.

In 1985, Scala began its alliance with the Kathrein Group of companies, the worldwide leader in professional antenna systems, by distributing Kathrein antennas for the emerging cellular market.  In 2000, Scala became Kathrein Inc., Scala Division.  In Q1, 2015, Kathrein USA was established and headquarters were moved from Medford, OR to Richardson, Texas.

Professor Anton Kathrein

Anton Kathrein Senior

A Trusted Name Around the Globe
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