DTV Utah Repack Alps

DTV Utah Completes Successful Repack

DTV Utah Completes Successful Repack

Local community TV group moves six of its eight stations to new frequencies

SALT LAKE CITY— In March 2017, DTV Utah began plans on repacking six of its eight DTV Utah Stations that were required to change frequencies as a result of the spectrum auction. DTV Utah, LLC is a television transmitter site located in the Oquirrh Mountains above Salt Lake City, Utah and was the location of a complex, channel repack project involving nine UHF television stations, with eight of the transmitters combined into a community antenna.

Read the full article to learn how Kathrein solved a variety of challenges that arose with this repack, from new frequency parameters to transmitter cooling at the thin air of 9,000 feet, transmission line performance, the requirement to stay on the air while creating a seamless transition to the new channels, ability to withstand extreme temperatures and more:

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