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Transition to ericsson.com

With the acquisition of Kathrein Antenna and Filter business by Ericsson in October 2019, it is now time to transfer all Kathrein Mobile Communication content to www.ericsson.com. This will include: General information Product details Product documents Support assets From October 1 onwards, the www.kathreinusa.com and www.kathrein.com will be taken offline. More information here.

Small Cell Operators

What is the Best Method for Adding Operators at Small Cell Sites?

OK, nobody really likes to share (I still have scars from the time I pushed my sister off the rocking horse), but it is understandable when sharing antennas at Small Cell Sites. Sharing Antennas involves tradeoffs that reduce network performance (reduced coverage and capacity). Especially when sharing Unlicensed Bands like CBRS and LAA. Nonetheless this is the new reality, with “Shared Infrastructure” and “Co-Location” as new buzz words for Small Cells.

So, what is the best method for adding Operators at Small Cell Sites?

The role of antenna quality in small cell and 5G deployments

Mobile network operators are densifying their network infrastructure to both meet ever-increasing data demands and to lay the groundwork for 5G. While the importance of fiber, spectrum availability and ease of siting are often discussed in network equipment deployments, one overlooked factor is the impact that antenna quality has on the efficiency, effectiveness and total […]

What are the True Costs for Mobile 5G mmWave Phased Array Antenna Systems?

What are the True Costs for Mobile 5G mmWave Phased Array Antenna Systems? When discussing future 5G systems and the need for more spectrum to accommodate the bandwidth needed for greater than 1 Gbps data rates, one of the most popular ideas is the use of the mmWave (milli-meter Wave) spectrum, with 28 GHz and […]

Spacing Out…Getting the Most out of MIMO with Proper Antenna Spacing

While “MIMO” has been a buzz word in the mobile communications industry for some time, it is only now gaining real traction and will be a key enabler as networks migrate from 4G to 5G.  Base Station Antennas are a critical component in MIMO architectures, and there is a science to proper spacing in order […]

August’s Total Solar Eclipse Looms as Capacity Killer

On Monday, August 21, the United States will experience the first total solar eclipse to cross the country since 1918. This once-in-a-century event will create a virtual rolling blackout of cell services as it travels along it’s path, not due to the heavenly bodies but  because of the live streaming, photo-taking and subsequent ‘sharing’ done […]

Advanced Beamforming Transceivers and Antenna Arrays: Keys to 5G Communications?

At the June 29th IEEE luncheon in Plano, TX, Jeyanandh Paramesh, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University gave a technical presentation titled, “Advanced Multi-Antenna Transceivers for 5G Communications and Beyond.” Professor Paramesh and his team of researchers believe that directional communications using antenna arrays will be a centerpiece of next-generation […]