Antenne 1 Equips the Langenburg Transmitter with Kathrein Smart Monitoring

The private radio provider Hitradio antenne 1, whose headquarters are in Stuttgart, has equipped its Langenburg antenna system with the Kathrein Smart Monitoring system. Now it can detect technical problems in real time and react to them immediately. Antenne 1 plays a pioneering role in the project. The radio station operates its own antenna system at the Langenburg site and implements an innovative operating concept by using Kathrein Smart Monitoring.

Antenna systems for broadcasting are designed to have reliable operation over decades under the most adverse environmental conditions. If, however, there are impairments in the transmission, for example due to icing or other mechanical influences, damage must be detected and rectified in a timely manner. However, disturbances in the feed system often develop insidiously, without this being immediately noticeable in the transmission. Only permanent antenna monitoring enables network operators to identify problems at an early stage and to initiate necessary measures in order to avoid a system failure.


With over 65 years of broadcasting experience, Kathrein has launched a system that meets the diverse requirements of the broadcasting industry. Kathrein Smart Monitoring guarantees high availability of the antenna system. The monitoring system does not adversely affect the operating parameters of the antenna and can also withstand external influences such as lightning strike or severe icing.
The system is particularly attractive for private providers with few technical staff. “By using Kathrein Smart Monitoring, the time and costs involved in monitoring transmission systems are significantly reduced, as regular routine checks become unnecessary,” explains Jörg Lippert, Vice President Broadcast Sales at Kathrein.


Kathrein Smart Monitoring uses special sensors to record all important operating parameters and compares them with the target values from regular operation. All deviations are fully recorded and can be an early indication of possible faults. The broadcasting station operator can easily retrieve the measurement results at any time via network access and is informed of critical conditions by an alarm message.

“The possibility of permanent control and immediate response to emerging system problems is a trend-setting development of antenna monitoring. We are proud to be part of this progressive process,” says René Knobloch, Technical Director of Hitradio antenne 1.

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