Kathrein Connects Your World

Kathrein provides reliable connections that supports the data demand as customers around the globe place their trust in Kathrein quality with 150,000+ active and passive mobile communication antenna and filter systems shipping out of our production plants every month.

Customers want—and demand—a network that provides reliable connections, with user loyalty only as reliable as the next service interruption. Add to this the need to deliver state-of-the-art system performance that’s capable of supporting multiple technologies and you quickly realize that demand has become more demanding than ever.

As a key component of any HetNet architecture, Kathrein Antennas enable mobile service providers to deliver cost-effective capacity to urban hotspots, as well as affordable coverage to rural locations. They also enhance the quality of experience for end users by enabling faster, more reliable data connections and higher data throughput for all connected devices.

Kathrein's Air Antenna

Kathrein’s Air Antenna

production in Rosenheim

Antenna Production at Kathrein’s Rosenheim, Germany Facility

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