Kathrein SE to Sell Antenna and Filter Products Division to Ericsson

Kathrein SE to Sell Antenna and Filter Products Division to Ericsson

Kathrein intends to sell its antenna and filter business to Ericsson, a leading mobile communications infrastructure provider. Kathrein Products division, with approximately 4,000 employees in research and development, production, and sales at more than 20 locations worldwide, is expected to become part of Ericsson’s Business Area Networks in the third quarter of 2019 following approvals from relevant regulatory authorities.

  • Excellent prospects with the new 5G mobile communications standard for Kathrein Products and ensures continuity for its employees under the Ericsson umbrella
  • Long-term technology partnership and powerful industrial synergies link the two companies with long-standing European heritage

“In view of the strategic options and the further increase in global competition in the mobile communications sector, we want to secure the future viability and competitiveness of this significant business by selling our Products division to our long-term technology partner Ericsson,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO of Kathrein Group. The acquisition by Ericsson gives Kathrein’s antenna and filter business and its employees excellent prospects in the context of the 5G mobile communications standard. Anton Kathrein added, “On behalf of the entire Executive Board, I would like to personally thank the employees for their great commitment. This particularly applies to the last few years, which were marked by a major reorganization.”

Kathrein’s antenna and filters business has a strong R&D organization with extensive experience in antenna design and research, coupled with a strong IPR portfolio. In addition to broadening Ericsson’s portfolio of antenna and filter products, the acquisition will bring Ericsson vital competence for the evolution of advanced radio network products.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks at Ericsson, says: “Strengthening our inhouse antenna competence is another important step in our Networks portfolio strategy. The acquisition of Kathrein’s antenna and filters business will expand our capabilities and competences in the advanced active and passive antenna domain further. With the additional focus on the antenna and filter business led by Kathrein professionals, we will broaden our offering to further optimize site space, which is vital for introduction of 5G.”

The acquisition is an asset deal where certain assets and liabilities are acquired by Ericsson at closing which is expected in Q3 2019 with the closing of the acquisition subject to customary conditions and approvals by the relevant regulatory authorities. The parties have agreed to keep the purchase price undisclosed.

Outlook on MWC 2019

Outlook on MWC 2019

Here are some of the exciting Kathrein innovations awaiting you at MWC 2019:


Kathrein’s innovative antenna system combines various mobile radio standards and technologies. 

  • State-of-the-art passive multiband antenna technology with integrated 4×4 MIMO functionality
  • Latest 5G mMIMO technology
  • Flexible and modular deployment, easy installation
  • Existing antenna sites can be easily upgraded to 5G
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio

Development partnership between Orange, Nokia and Kathrein


Kathrein’s platform concept enables perfect choice for each customer regarding “fit and function”.

  • New antenna platform enabling side-by-side lowband array configuration in only 378 mm width industry-leading form factor
  • Re-use of specially designed platform components like phase shifters and filters secures outstanding component quality and makes antenna customisation faster
  • Three different width base configurations, 378 mm, 448 mm and 488 mm, offer perfect choice for balancing required maximum port count, available site space and antenna performance

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Kathrein’s small cell canister antennas offer exceptional multiband RF performance with low visual impact to improve operator competitiveness – particularly in densely populated urban areas.

  • Two new bands for conditional use by wireless operators (3.5 GHz and 5 GHz band) are supported by Kathrein’s latest small cell solutions, enabling immediate access to more spectrum
  • Most compact and versatile form factor on the market today, making them one of the easiest to zone and install, providing a faster path for operators to add a small cell layer underneath their macro network layer
  • 4xMIMO in most bands right out of the box as well as superior coverage characteristics enhancing network capacity where it is needed most

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8T8R beamforming will be a main pillar for the future 5G eco-system through use of cost/capacity-optimised access technology in a propagation-friendly frequency range.

  • Combining outstanding radiator performance with cost-effective PCB technology to build TDD stand-alone antennas which perfectly match the cost/performance requirements
  • Compact antenna with column beams optimised for beamforming

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Kathrein is working on solutions which will push the integration limits of FDD/TDD antennas.

  • Use of the world’s smallest FDD side-by-side LB platform for integration of TDD elements
  • Novel LB interleaving technology, maximising performance in FDD and TDD bands
  • Highly integrated TDD sub-system allows easy scalability of the system itself and easy migration to different FDD architectures

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Kathrein’s antenna for an active antenna system (AAS) to enable massive MIMO on FDD

  • Supports 5G digital horizontal and vertical beamforming in AAS radio 
  • First commercial usage of Massive MIMO technology on FDD in US market
  • Wideband array antenna covering B66 and B25 (US) as well as B1 and B3 (rest of world)

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Kathrein develops highly integrated, flexible and maintainable active antenna products for both multiband up to 2.6 GHz and C-band to support the effective deployment of vRAN. Standardised and open interfaces between vRAN BBU and radio units based on open RAN will further drive innovations and compatibility between radio equipment.

  • Massive MIMO C-band antennas with vRAN BBU integration
  • Integrated radio with field replaceable radio components for multiband antennas
  • SW upgradeable BBU interface integration (CPRI/eCPRI or openRAN)
  • Light weight through higher integration
  • Best-in-class PIM performance through Rx/Tx separation for multiband antennas

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Kathrein develops and tests related repeater systems to enable an economic deployment of 5G mmWave system in 24 GHz, 28 GHz and 39 GHz. Combinations of one donor antenna with one to three service antennas will further increase the number of use cases and improve the network coverage and performance and thus the mmWave business case of our customers. 

  • First trials in the US, Europe and Asia and plans for several new trials around the world
  • 28 GHz repeater system trial showed tremendous coverage improvements by bridging distances between base station and user equipment (UE) of up to 825 m
  • In the trial, the repeater proved its performance also for mobility use cases
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX of the repeater system vs. installation of additional base stations (lower device cost, no fibre backhaul) will improve the business case of mmWave deployment and exploitation for mobile and fixed wireless access likewise

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