Kathrein Once Again Awarded the German Brand Award

Kathrein has repeated its 2017 success and is one of the winners of the prestigious 2018 German Brand Award. A high-level jury of noted experts from business and science honoured the company for its forward-looking Network Vision 2022. More than 1,250 nominations were evaluated in three competition classes. Last year, Kathrein also received two German Brand Awards.

Kathrein’s Network Vision 2022 won in the categories of Brand Strategy and Telecommunications & IT. The jury thus acknowledged the vision’s importance for the successful brand management of the company. The background to the development of Network Vision 2022 is 5G, the next generation of mobile communication, which is ushering in a new age of networking. 5G will enable a multitude of new applications such as autonomous driving, IoT and Industry 4.0. At the same time, the network of the future raises many questions – Kathrein’s Network Vision 2022 provides answers and positions the Kathrein brand as a signpost for the future.


For the first time, Network Vision 2022 allows a holistic view of the network of the future. It does not only throw a light on urban agglomerations, but also on rural and remote areas. Future network requirements, technologies and application scenarios are clearly described and made tangible. Kathrein’s Network Vision is not a static, but a dynamic vision. Discussions with customers, business partners, analysts, universities and research institutions are also incorporated. As a result, the vision is constantly evolving.


With the support of strategic agency partner “brandroom”, the marketing team at Kathrein developed an integrated communication concept for its network vision. The goal: to position the Kathrein brand for the future, initiate dialogues and make the vision come alive. The communication modules include an interactive animation, various video formats and a smartphone app for augmented reality.

“Winning two German Brand Awards reflects the high recognition by the independent jury of brand experts. This makes us very proud,” says Joe Doering, Chief Markets Officer of the Kathrein Group. “My thanks go first and foremost to the marketing team, but also to all the other colleagues who contributed to this success.”

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