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Kathrein USA brings Kathrein’s world-renowned innovations in communication technologies closer to home for mobile service providers in North America.

As a key component of any HetNet architecture, Kathrein antennas enable mobile service providers to deliver cost-effective capacity to urban hotspots and affordable coverage to rural locations.

End users of mobile networks with Kathrein technology enjoy fast, reliable connections and maximum data throughput. Learn more about our communication solutions that are developed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility right here in Richardson, Texas.


Antenna Innovations Imperative to Realize the Promise of 5G

What’s New

What are the True Costs for Mobile 5G mmWave Phased Array Antenna Systems?

While mmWave 5G phased array antenna systems will provide the desired bandwidth, evaluate the true costs before jumping on the bandwagon of mmWave spectrum. Having worked on various “low cost” phased array antennas for almost 40 years, the “low cost” aspect has not yet emerged and it doesn’t appear that traditional approaches like the F-15 APG-82 are trending that direction.

New Wide-band Antenna Product Line Reduces Tower Opex with Reduction in Wind-load, Weight, Size

As carriers upgrade and improve coverage, new antennas and radio equipment placed on the tower can increase those costs under the present leasing agreements. Additional capital expenditures (CAPEX) may also be incurred due to the additional weight and wind load of this equipment causing a need to improve the structural capabilities of the tower.


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